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"MUST TRY!" - by Julie Jacobs
I’ve not been able to eat pasta in years due to swelling and bloating. I bought this to give it a try. It is sooooo delicious! I cooked it for 7 minutes like the box said and they turned out perfect. The look like noodles and even have similar consistency. Only difference is they actually taste better! All I added was avocado oil and some pampered chef sweet basil. This will be a new staple in my house and I’m looking forward to trying other variations.
"wonderful flavor and texture" - by Janncy
This pasta is great. My husband has dementia and at the stage he is in...he refuses to eat veggies of any kind, but loves spaghetti sauce with meat. It may be a little sneaky, but at least I know I am getting some veggies in him other than just tomatoes. I like them too. I cannot taste any difference in the flavor. If the cooked noodles weren't slightly pink I'd never suspect there was veggies in them.
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"Soups on" - by Dee Que
Again, another blessing. I love Ancient Harvest noodles. Great taste and texture. ( Just steer clear of the Mac n cheese. Nasty stuff).
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"Five Stars" - by Jean
Love this. We feel good after,no bloating etc.
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"Kids love it too." - by la plume d'une femme
I love the idea of getting a whole vegetable serving in every four ounces of this spaghetti. Yes, I said every four ounces, and who stops at four ounces of spaghetti? The big question when I bought it was what is it going to taste like?

My grandson is a very picky eater and has a highly effective built-in vegetable detector as well. I really have to be sneaky with the veggies. He loves this spaghetti. Absolutely ate every last strand on his plate. We sneaked some pureed carrots into the sauce, too. Ha. Double down.

What I love about the Hidden Veggie Spaghetti is the firmness. I don't necessarily like al dente pasta, but I don't like it mushy, either. This pasta, almost no matter how long you cook it, stays at the perfect level of firmness for me. It has its own subtle flavor, but only compliments the three kinds ... full review
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"Just want I was looking for. Used to have ..." - by Christine Choi
Just want I was looking for. Used to have a similar pasta I used to buy all the time at my local Safeway, but haven't been able to find since I've moved. Yay!
"Great pasta!!" - by PattiLovesAmazon (Illinois, USA)
I'm working on eliminating gluten from my diet. Being a bread and pasta lover, the possibilities for finding a good tasting gluten-free substitute was daunting. After reading the reviews for Tinkyada products I tried the elbow and spiral pastas. Originally I followed the cooking instructions exactly because I'd read that gluten-free pasta doesn't hold together as well as pasta containing gluten. I found that cooking the pasta for the full time is okay, but it tends to fall apart a bit when being mixed for pasta salad. The taste is great but I like my pasta to stay somewhat intact. Through experiments with cooking time I found that a cooking time of 12 minutes, from adding the spiral pasta to the already boiling water, gets much better results. The instructions call for 16 minutes, but 12 minutes leaves the pasta with just enough texture to be "al dente" and hang ... full review
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"Yum" - by Gia McCray
This brand of pasta is my family's favorite. It isn't bland or overpowering. It goes nice with different sauces and makes a nice pasta salad.
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"Healthy and delicious" - by Mary D. (Malden, MA)
Since I had to reduce my intake of carbs, I searched for a healthy alternative to regular pasta. This is a great pasta made from red lentils. After some experimenting I have chosen a cooking method that works VERY well for taste, texture and multiple uses. I cook the pasta in stock, either vegetable or chicken. Because I am strapped for time [and lazy] I cook the pasta in the microwave for 16 minutes, the results are wonderful.
Healthy and delicious this pasta was a great find for me.
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"I make pasta salad with these great noodles" - by Lindsey
I make pasta salad with this always.
Italian dressing
Black olives
Salt and pepper
Artichoke hearts in a jar

Yum great for lunch and is good for 2-3 days.
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"super yummy" - by Ms A. GLOMB (Buena Park, CA USA)
This product is so delicious and easy to prepare. I'll be buying more. It works for mac and cheese (I make it vegan) and it was great with pasta sauce. Also it's pretty to look at.
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"Very Good!" - by William Williams
I've tried other miracle noodles before & was not impressed - these are good. Does take prep of hot water (not boiling) and 5 minutes. Product of Japan - *Not China*
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"Good Box pasta" - by Amazon Customer
It was perfectly reasonable pasta. Not any better than the supermarket, but a good backstory.
"Tasted so good!" - by Katelyn
After recently finding out I have celiacs, I have been struggling with going gluten free. I had bought several pastas from a local health market and they either tasted horrible or got mushy when cooked. So I ordered a few barilla GF pastas on amazon. I tired this immediately and was pleasantly surprised. It tasted amazing, almost like regular pasta, I could barely tell a difference. I am so happy with this brand and will definitely continue to purchase.
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"My favorite pasta shape" - by Mike Tarrani (Deltona, FL USA)
Since I eat a lot of vegetarian sauces this shape is perfect. Technically this particular shape is called penne rigate because it has ridges. The tubes will accumulate sauce and pieces of vegetables, and the ridges on this shape also hold lighter particles of spices such as fresh basil as well as sauce. This allows you to prepare a pasta that is not drowning in a sea of sauce, but not dry either.

Although I make vegetable-based sauces, the shapes are equally perfect for meat sauces. They also are very sturdy, making them a good choice for pasta dishes with heavier sauces that are laden with larger pieces of meat or vegetables.

To best illustrate how well this shape works with sauces I have uploaded a photo in the customer-supplied images at the top of this page. You can clearly see from the photo how beautifully the sauce coats and clings to ... full review