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"6stars for keto pizza dough / 4 stars for keto Rice" - by Amazonian @Heart (LALA LAND)
I like to make "rice" with fresh never frozen cauliflower. Purchased this dried package as a backup in case I dont have time to buy fresh one. While taste of fresh cauliflower is better in keto "rice" dishes, this dried "rice" is a blessing if you want to make keto pizza dough. I give it 4 stars if you want to use this for "rice." 6 stars for keto pizza dough. Why 6 stars for the dough? Because You do not have to use elbow grease to squeeze out the excess water, which lower water content will result in a crispy delicious pizza crust. I could never achieve this level of perfection in my pizza crust using other forms of cauliflower.
TIP: I tried lightly sauteeing it in its dried form before adding water for the pizza dough and my friend loved it so much he is now making this pizza ... full review

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"Excellent mix of rices" - by W. Bender (Indiana)
Most all of the Uncle Ben's ready rices are really a quick way to add rice to virtually any meal. The Long Grain and Wild Rice mix is one of their best. Great flavor with the earthy, nutty, subtle hints the wild rice adds. Well balanced seasoning that doesn't have a packaged taste.

Great with pork and beef too. You can serve it up as is or use it with other ingredients to make a gourmet style side. One favorite way to use it is by adding it to some chopped onions and portabella mushrooms simmered in some beef broth. You can cook the mixture on a low to medium simmer well gradually adding additional beef broth slowly much like a rissoto. The result is a rich flavorful dish that will get rave reviews.

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"Five Stars" - by EOL
Great alternative to rice .

"Tasty, . . . and healthy, too!" - by Joyce M.
We really like these rice treats with lots of protein from edamame and black beans. Crunchy, and tough enough for salsa or hummus dips. These bags are smaller than you would find in a grocery.

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"VERY PLEASED WITH THIS PRODUCT." - by JAMluna (North Carolina, for now)
We purchased these, the vegetable flavor and a trial carrot flavor. All are great! This is now a normal snack for 9 month old, but we started giving these to baby at 7 months old. She's barely getting her first bottom tooth, so she is still in the mushy food stage. She has never choked on this product, even when she shoves the last bite in her mouth, which is always too big for her little mouth. You would think she would learn after a couple months. However, we have been happy with this product, melts easily in their mouth and the flavor is enjoyable.

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"I love these. I usually make them with low-sodium chicken ..." - by Heather K Frost
I love these. I usually make them with low-sodium chicken broth instead of water, and add frozen spinach and minced garlic. On the downside, however, they are addictive. And I don't mean in a because-they're-so-good kind of way, but because they contain hydrolyzed soy and/or mung bean protein, which operates similarly to MSG. So, while I don't experience any physical side effects (nor do I with MSG) from eating these, I'm not sure they're as healthy as they seem. In short, they're still a processed food. But a really yummy one!

In stock on April 23, 2020.
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""Fajita Chicken" is My Favorite Soup" - by JLee (Chicago, IL USA)
This is my favorite soup. It has a slightly spicy taste to it. Very enjoyable. It has some rice in it, but I usually add more rice to make it a meal. It's very filling. I warm it up at work in my Corning Ware soup mug ([[ASIN:B0002KZMCO CorningWare French White 20-Ounce Mug]]).

Although the soup is excellent, I have to warn that the packaging is terrible in the 12-can version. How bad? One of the cans was so dented, it opened up and spilled in the box. What a mess. About half the cans were dented, some very badly. However, I am reviewing the soup here, so I am giving it five stars. I have separately done a packaging feedback and that got one star.

My local grocery store recently stopped carrying many of the Chunky soups, so I will ... full review

"Quick and easy lunch or light evening meal" - by snake69
I cut up fresh carrots and cabbage, a bit of firm tofu or meat of your choice(cooked) and this soup will make a quick and delicious gluten free meal

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"Delicious! Fancy rice without all the effort;" - by Tania F
Delicious ! Fancy rice without all the effort ; )

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"My favorite flavor." - by Yvonne Roche (Lebanon, MO USA)
I love this flavor and I buy a lot of it. I didn't really get it cheaper here, but it wasn't more expensive either, and it was delivered!

"Thre are some great online, spiralized recipes to make your own which ..." - by Judd S. (Brooklyn,, NY USA)
Thre are some great online , spiralized recipes to make your own which are terrific, but for those who don't have lots of time on their hands, this line is quite decent.

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"Nice, light, healthy snack" - by MadATL
I first purchased these from Walmart and just love them as a healthy snack. I'm waiting now on them to be made available again.

"Pretty good when you season it right" - by Mika
I cooked this with peas and seasoned it with some, garlic powder, onion powder and salt. It came out pretty tasty. It doesn't really remind of rice more like couscous. It's still a delicious replacement.

The only thing I disliked was the packaging. I thought I could get 3 servings from this but it was only enough for one. so if I wanted to meal prep I would need to buy 7 of these. with the price that's not very budget friendly.

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"Scrumptious!! Not Sticky!!" - by gabby
Best rice ever!! Mixture of dried vegetables is awesome. Cook with chicken broth instead of water to enhance flavor!!!

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"Five Stars" - by j.raven
Now I have something to eat when the family is getting Chinese food!