Vegetarian Beef

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"Excellent meatless Bouillion" - by paula vilandrie
I use it in a lot of vegetarian dishes. It gives soups an extra boost. I made meatless 'beef' stew and this made it taste so much better than without it. I have also tried the same brand meatless 'chicken' Bouillion and that is excellent as well. I highly recommend this for anyone who does not eat meat or chicken.
"No beef with this" - by Scott
Realistic appearance and texture. A non-veg may not be fooled, but a veg would likely be satisfied. The flavor is very mild, as it's meant to absorb flavor from whatever it's cooked with.
"a good base" - by Vintage PowerReader (Northwest USA)
so its not perfectly beefy tasting, but it has no msg, and no gluten and I really like it. I drink a bowl in the afternoon when its cold and rainy. to beef up the flavor in soup I add a shitake mushroom. it is a powder, so may be kept in cupboard, not fridge.
the better than bullion brand is kept in fridge, and I had problems with it going bad 1/2 way through the container.
"Adding meat flavor to vegan food" - by Rachel T.
I have been trying to make vegan food that doesn't feel vegan and this product has really helped bolster the flavor for dishes that would normally contain meat. And I'm quite happy with the result using this flavoring.
"And either variety is night-and-day different and better than ickie bouillon granules or cubes" - by Cosmic Daiquiri (in the study with a candlestick)
Considerably higher-quality than the regular variety of bouillon this company makes. It's night and day different in both flavor and intensity. If you have any kind of choice, get this instead of the regular. And either variety is night-and-day different and better than ickie bouillon granules or cubes, so that's saying something! It tastes more like actual chicken stock than the non-organic variety does, whatever they're doing different. I prefer the 8oz jars to the 16oz ones I've been getting because I'm just a two-person household, and these smaller jars make it easier to keep the product fresh and usable.

1 tsp contains: 10 calories, 700mg sodium (!), 2g carb, 1g protein, 0g fat. Organic variety contains: chicken meat with natural juices, salt, cane juice solids (I'm pretty sure that means sugar), maltodextrin, flavoring, yeast extract, potato starch, turmeric, and natural flavor.
"Best Broth Makers" - by boardbanger
Any soup you make will be delicious. Rich flavor, lower sodium than other bouillon products.
"Great in glass jar" - by Katie33
Thank you. Great in glass jar, too.
"This stuff is a wonder seasoning. When ever I ..." - by Matthew S.
This stuff is a wonder seasoning. When ever I need to add some savory flavoring to a stew, chili or gravy I reach for this.
"These are EXCELLENT hiking snacks for the active vegetarian or vegan" - by Rebecca Lynn Black (home)
These are EXCELLENT hiking snacks for the active vegetarian or vegan. I ruck train for 3 months up to the Bataan Memorial Death March and get ridiculously hungry on the long mileage days (15-22) and these are great fuel with a relatively high protein content for the calorie count and they really do satisfy hunger. AND they are super tasty. Having a variety to choose from throughout the day is definitely a bonus.
"Great organic vegetable bouillon powder" - by Silber
We like the convenience of being able to make as much or as little vegetable broth when needed. This also works great as flavoring added to veggies or soups. Enjoy this as a little hot snack when it is cool outside.
"UH-MAZING!!!!" - by Anonymous (Santa Cruz, CA United States)
This product is absolutely DELICIOUS!! Re-hydrate with stock & seasoning and pan-fry for best flavor. Texture is on point! Don't let the $$$ scare you off! It makes 3.6 lbs hydrated!