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"My favorites. If only they were cheaper!" - by RT (New York, USA)
Too good. Small bags though, but perhaps that's to prevent me from binging. The bigger packets are way too expensive (not that these are cheap), even w/subscribe & save, so I'll try to find them in bulk at Sam's or Walmart.
"Great Little Snack for Sports Events" - by Dawn Dolly Golden (Alaska)
Peanuts, by American nature, are a baseball snack. Unfortunately, any major, minor, or junior league game offers them at a pretty shiney penny. So instead of spending half of my wallet on one bag of peanuts at the game, I opted to buy a collection of peanuts and bring them myself. For families with kiddos this is a great way to save a bit of money.

There are 48 packs in this set. Each package is just the right size for a kid aged from 5 to 12. Toddlers could probably eat about half of a pack. And teenagers could probably eat two packs. The packages are easy to open and because they're each individual- every single kid in the family can have their own package (instead of all sharing one big bag). They're also easily portable so you can stick a collection in your purse and pull them out when ... full review
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"Great for luches!" - by Sally Shaffer
Let's face it when you need to send 2 snacks a day to schooll - these bags fit the bill. There is enough for both snacks really. These are nice and filling and have the all so wonderful pizza flavoring.
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"Read review" - by Amazon Customer
Great snack
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
My husband and granddaughter love these cookies ! They are hard to find in our location .
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"Super impressed. Great price for everything that was included" - by Molly Muir Vincent
Arrived almost immediately. Packaged well. Super impressed. Great price for everything that was included.
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"Five Stars" - by Ms. W (Upland, CA United States)
Great variety of snacks.
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"Delicious Variety" - by Mary Kay (NM southern desert)
This is our absolutely favorite snack and we often buy it at Sams Club so it was nice to be able to buy it online from Amazon. Munchies has a good variety of pretzels, and snacks similar to Cheese puffs, Dorito chips, and sun chips.
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"Perfect lunch / snack size - my kids love them" - by Jonathan (Fredericksburg, VA, United States)
Unfortunately I'm gluten free so I can't enjoy these anymore (and the gluten free variety aren't as good), but they were my favorite years ago and my kids love them too. This was a great value for lunch / snack sized bags.
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"Very tasty, but expensive." - by Tyler C.
Very good
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"Excellent" - by Laleise
After reading most of the reviews about products being expired, I was skeptical, but I took a chance. I'm glad I did. Mine were all fresh. I bought for a cousin that attends school year round and comes home on the weekends. I gave this to him to take back to school, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. Thank you, and I'll be ordering again.
"Fun combinations, but really small bags for adults" - by 🌈 KT (Western NC)
We liked most these a fair bit. My favorite is the pretzel cheddar, my husband's was the pizza flavor. The cracker cheddar was just eh - too dry and not enough cheese flavor.

There were exactly 9 pieces in each bag. Probably fine for children, but not really satisfying for an adult.
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"Yummy" - by Emel Kangi
Delicious! These snacks were so varied. People tasted snacks they haven't even heard of before. These were all everyone could talk about at the party.
"Five Stars" - by Ptk1715
excellent product and delivery time. thanks.
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"The Good, Bad, and Overall..." - by GovContractor (Bahrain)
The Good: Nice variety of chips. Very good packaging with chips filed instead of dumped in a box. Price is good.

The Bad: I have them on a chip rack next to my desk (office snacks) and I can hear them calling to me... softly. My only hope is that the others in the office will be tempted first.

Overall: Happy with purchase. Along with other snacks in jars on my desk these chips complement the office snack fund.