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"Great first start for a 360 Camera, can improve however." - by Britt Dietz (California, USA)
After doing research on all the 'lower cost' 360 cameras, I constant came to the conclusion that the Gear 360 is the best 360 camera on the market currently. I ended up purchasing the Samsung Gear 360 in October. I took it with me to Las Vegas, the Nellis AFB Airshow, and to Disneyland a few times putting it through a through a few hundred photos and videos. This allowed me to really get a feel for the various aspects of this first effort by Samsung.

Photos - As someone who used to do the manual way of taking 20 shots with my phone to make a photosphere, this instant way of taking a 360 photo was perfect. No weird 'half human' stitches from people walking between shots. The photos are stitched well as long as the nearest subject is at least about a foot away from either lens. Putting the ... full review
"let me go over some of the finer points. I am an avid outdoors person" - by The Stay At Home Chef
After research all the 360 cameras that I could find on the market, I picked the 360fly 4k for several reasons.

1. Single video stream, no clumsy proprietary stitching required to produce a final video. Included software exports directly to facebook and youtube.
2. Price. I bought mine on sale for $400
3. Waterproof up to 5m
4. Included GPS and gyro
5. Form factor

Now that I've had and used the camera for a couple of months, let me go over some of the finer points. I am an avid outdoors person. I hike, bike, and participate in many action sports. I've used GoPros in various aspects, and are familiar with their limitations. I would HIGHLY recommend this as a replacement for an action camera and I'll give some points why.

At this price point the video quality is great. Is it the best? No. To get better, though, you are looking at spending significantly more ... full review
by YI
"This has been a great camera to the present and I look forward to ..." - by DMcC
This has been a great camera to the present and I look forward to other adventures with it in the future.
"Owl is really great and has made a big diff in our meetings" - by Brian M (Redmond, WA United States)
Owl is really great and has made a big diff in our meetings. Audio is better than a speaker phone (both mic and output) or tv, and the views rock - in many ways because the camera is simultaneously closer to everyone and also the distance to participants is more evened out. So you can both see everyone, and make out everyone's face. And the simplicity is *great* (just plug in and it works, no software to install, extra mics, wires, etc).

Small asks:
- It would be nice if the resolved video was slightly higher res so you could read things on whiteboards (without writing super huge)
- It does seem to pickup HVAC/computer fans just a bit... don't know if there's a way to filter out drone type noises better.
- Super minor - An indicator on the unit of which way is front (ie, which side is where ... full review
"As a content creator and videographer, the Rylo is a game changer. Worth every penny." - by Crista Scott
First off - This camera is INCREDIBLE. It’s worth every penny and more. You will not find a 360 camera on the market of this quality for the price.

I am a trail runner / outdoor enthusiast / motorcycle rider’s wife. I love documenting adventures and used to often ruin my footage because of the shakiness of my grip on the camera (using a GoPro). The Rylo software is AMAZING and reduces ALL instability.

Things I love: how small it is, the ability to pull footage from 360 degrees of recordings, the amazing software built into the Rylo app, the customer service.

As a content creator and videographer, the Rylo is a game changer. Highly recommended.
"... guide is in English and can now be found easily on Samsung's web page" - by Trevor Brown (San Francisco, CA USA)
The user guide is in English and can now be found easily on Samsung's web page.
Last week I had to hunt for it.
Though the camera has a bluetooth symbol on it and the manual mentions connecting via Bluetooth, it does not connect that way.
Only wifi. Hardly a deal breaker but I wonder what I'm missing.
Google Street View App does not see this camera yet, probably because version Gear360 ver1 connects via Bluetooth.
The software for ios is buggy.
The camera frequently crashes while trying to transfer video files over to the iphone for viewing.
Picture transfer generally works but will crash after a few picture transfers, either for viewing or saving to the iphone.
Transferring to a PC desktop works flawlessly and is recommended since the file will not be truncated. Photos look best when viewed on the desktop. Picture quality is a good as can be expected for a 4K photo that ... full review
"Good start, fun to use, could use built-in GPS and faster connectivity to your phone" - by Carleton
It's a fun toy to play with, for sure, and makes capturing your own Google StreetView images a hell of a lot easier. Gone are the days of taking two minutes to make a Photo Sphere one image at a time, having mismatched buildings, twins or triplets walking around, etc. It's small and compact and easily fits in your pocket. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and comes with this little foam slip case. I have to say, though, for the blue camera, the actual color of the unit is nowhere near as deep of a blue as it looks on your computer screen - neither on the Amazon page, nor in this photo I'm uploading. I'd say it looks almost like a light teal. Something to keep in mind if you really like the blue option.

You have to download their app to send the photos over ... full review
"Very nice!" - by Eddie (Coppell, TX United States)
I've had mine for a week, and after playing with it I have to say it works great for us! Just a little background, I have had the Gear 360, and the Theta S. The Gear360 and the Theta S both had different problems so we had to return these (Gear360 was out of focus when using it on a hot day) and the ThetaS was never able to connect via wifi even after resetting, and doingeverything we could.) The Insta360 has not had any trouble with taking photos or video and the stitch is very good. Photos seem pretty sharp for our needs, and the video is slightly better than the Theta, but not as sharp as the 4k Gear360 (when it worked).

The only major gripe I have is there is about a 1 second delay from pressing the shutter to a photo taken and ... full review
This is a great product. The single lens design is the way to go. No stitching problems, software easy to use in both MAC and windows. Has many more features than the GEAR 360.
Where this product really excels, is in the customer service and support. Great forums online to answer question and email customer support is fast as lightning. Australian based company is new, young and hungry. Get the impression that they really want to separated themselves from the big impersonal companies.
Saving up for the 4K camera which I think will address this versions ONLY FLAW, LOW LIGHT is not very good.
"Nice 360 cam if its features will meet your needs." - by Michael M. (SALEM, OR, United States)
I've had a lot of fun with this camera. Sure it only does 360 x 180, but I have found that to be sufficient for my use (i.e., mounting it on top of my car - who needs look down onto the car?) Image quality isn't going to win any awards, but again, it's fine for my use and doesn't really look too bad. The build quality is good, easy to use via the onboard buttons and the Android app works fine. The desktop software needs some work, but once you figure it out it does an ok job. Overall I'm happy with it and am enjoying having it.