Wall Repair

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by 3M
"Fixed chipped areas where two wall meets" - by G.N
Patched the chips where the two walls meet, the steel was showing and this product fixed the chips. It has the sander at the cap and you can spread the patch on the wall using the end of the tube. It's really an all in one! Since it has the primer inside, once it dries, I just needed to sand and paint the areas where this was used. And it looked really smooth, I couldn't tell that there were chips before! I'm so glad I chanced upon this product!
"Nice Product - does the job!" - by Ken Esq (Pittsfield, MA)
Good stuff. Makes repairing smaller holes easy. Has just the right amount of stick on it to keep it in place. My two sons have forced me to become adept at drywall repair...a roll of this is always in my kit.
by 3M
"Excellent stuff which applied very smoothly and dried quickly" - by speckled hen
Excellent stuff which applied very smoothly and dried quickly. Perfect solution for rented apartments where patch-up from nails and other minor repairs are necessary to satisfy the return of security deposits.
by 3M
"No need to paint or sand wall after" - by Eileen
This product is great! I drilled a hole in the wall to hang my curtains but then later decided to use command hooks rather than drilling it in. I use this to patch up the hole, and now I wouldn’t even know there use to be a hole there! The product is white and it blends in with my wall perfectly, I didn’t need to paint nor did I need to sand the wall, I just wiped off the excess with my fingers.
"Homax Group 5506 Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Wall Patch" - by sapphire77 (Oregon)
Homax Group 5506 Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Wall patch is a great self adhesive patch. It covered a large area on our wall where the sheet rock had come off in. And it can be painted with the same wall paint so it doesn't look like the damaged wall it was. Packaging was great. Shipping was A++.
"this is good stuff for patching holes in wall very easy" - by Mibeal
this is good stuff for patching holes in wall very easy. Mix and set it. I have old plaster walls and this worked well enough to patch the holes I wouldnt want to press on the patch and feel it would holed up but it did the trick for a 10 dollar patch job.
"Works perfectly for touching up!" - by DivaMomof2 (Clarksville, MD)
I initially ordered the free sample so that I could be sure to match the color. I was surprised that the right match was not the one I thought it would be so I strongly recommend getting a free sample first.
Product works great and is handy to have in the house.
"Great Painting Accessory for the Messy Painter!@" - by Nicky '2' Times (Great White North)
I purchased this item in order to "tune" up my paint job in our newborns room. The tape I used for our accent wall worked well, but I am kind of a perfectionist and noticed some bleeding. It wasn't really noticeable to others, but once I saw the bleeds, It was an eyesore for me. The pen was very easy to use and worked great! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an easy way to touch up their "Professional" paint job. Best part here was I needed two as there two colors I was working with, and its a two pack! I'm saving the left overs for the inevitable...
"These are great" - by Charles R. Chernack (Sacramento CA USA)
I have used these before. They are amazing. I strongly recommend them. I have filled some large holes in wallboard, and it is a fast and efficient way to do the job. It takes a number of applications of Spackle to cover it, with sanding in between. But that for me is no problem.
"Awesome deal" - by Matt Ess (Santa Fe, NM, United States)
This patch kit turned out to be cheaper than the Spackle alone. A great deal to have it all in one kit. The pink goo is awesome when patching big holes as it allows you to see what you are doing. Being able to tell when this is dry ensures proper layering, which will help you avoid cracking etc, when working with larger holes that need a lot of filler.
by 3M
"Works like a charm" - by Laina
Works like a charm! Makes drywalling for a first time home owner a breeze. We had a guy cut up our walls when he was mounting our TVs and this patched up the 5” hole he left perfectly
by 3M
"Great kit, just wish the included putty knife was a little smaller" - by TravelersWarden (New England, USA)
This is a great beginner's kit. My husband and I bought our first home in April and needed to paint over the sellers' primo paint choices of mustard yellow, ketchup red, and "downtown" brown (if you get my drift). The previous owners of the home also had about 3.5 million things nailed/screwed into the walls, so we needed to fix them up prior to painting. As we are both in IT and absolute noobs when it comes to this kind of thing (but DETERMINED to figure it out, DAGNABBIT), I decided to opt for this kit and we went to town. It was great! The spackle/primer reminded me of whipped frosting and stayed soft despite that we had the kit open and closed for about a week as we worked through the home patching imperfections in the walls. We also discovered a gaping hole near the floor, about the size ... full review
"Smooth wnd quick" - by Saraharah (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
I live in a house built in the early 1900s which causing a lot of settling and movement. Because of our house being older we are continously updating it to make it more modern. Occasionally cracks will appear and seeing as we are repainting some rooms it was a no-brainer to go with this brand.

Previously I worked in a hardware store when I was in high school and this product would always sell out so quick so it was my first thought when fixing our cracks.

I am so pleased by the results and the price of this tub! It spreads on surfaces smoothly and dries quickly! I was easily able to fix cracks in the rooms and sand them down and paint a few hours later! Allowing me to finish a whole project in one day is what makes this product so amazing to me. Definitely will be purchasing again.
"Perfect to repair blank spot on slump block wall" - by Mort (Tucson, AZ)
A picture hung on a painted masonry wall with a 3M product fell off the wall because the paint pulled away from the slump block wall. This spackle was perfect to repair the rough spot. My wife had trouble trying to find the repaired spot.