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"The only thing I'd like to have from the 692 is the backlighting but ..." - by Jeff C (HB, CA USA)
Works quickly and perfectly for our newborn. We had an early fever scare with our baby just days after she was born. The cheapo digital baby thermometer we had from our baby registry took one measurement, and then died when we were taking a confirmation measurement. It was high enough that our daughter was admitted at the hospital where we stayed for the next couple of days under antibiotic treatment until the lab results confirmed she was infection free (and thankfully no hepatitis).

In any case, the is the same unit with the small exception of the backlighting and a few other hospital focused features on the lcd that is used in our local hospital and also our pediatrician. (Hospital actually had 692 model which has backlighting, antitheft, and a 60 second countdown for taking pulse and a wall mount). The only thing I'd like to have from ... full review

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"Five Stars" - by Claudia Ontiveros
Great thermometer, just what I need as a physician to get the temperature fast and trustable

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"The industry standard" - by PJP
The old mercury clinical thermometers were easy to use and accurate. Because of overblown fears about mercury you can no longer get these from reputable manufacturers. The Chinese versions are really not that good.

Tried a variety of the cheap electronic clinical thermometers. If they worked at all, they tended to give variable readings.
Tried an infra-red temple vein thermometer, which was not cheap, but seemed incapable of giving even close readings twice.

Eventually gave up, and bought the same thing used in hospitals and clinics across the world.
Decidedly not cheap, but fast, accurate and repeatable readings. The disposable sleeves are a plus when it comes to sterile practices.

If you care about your temperature readings being a bit more precise than alive/dead, this is the way to go.

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"Five Stars" - by Barbara Dunham
Exactly what the clinic needed for our vital monitor.

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"If you have a WelchAllyn thermometer, this is what you need" - by James Caron
My wife has some health issues and needs to monitor her temperature, so I bought her a model 690. if you have one, you know you need to use a probe cover for it to function accurately. these are the direct replacements and the only ones I know of that will work with the 690. Thankfully they are priced fairly and make it easy to maintain your WelchAllyn thermometer.

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"Very accurate." - by Roman (United States)
Very accurate. Just as with old days mercury thermometers. Where the rule was to keep it under armpit (my preferred method) for >5 minutes. As it happens here the normal mode of operation tries to approximate the temperature in 10-15 seconds based on the temperature raise speed. Just like a drugstore cheap thermometer, maybe a bit more accurate. But then you can turn it in monitor mode, and see the temperature gradually stabilize for over 5 minutes to an absolutely accurate value. My difference between normal and monitor mode in 3 tries was from 0.0C to 0.3C (as usual, lower than the real/monitor temperature). Would be close enough for most purposes, but then again you never know when and by how much a little CPU will misjudge the temperature rise curve. So I always will end using the monitor mode.
As expected, and this is why I was looking for this ... full review