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"2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Installation" - by TonyGinFL (Jacksonville, FL)
Installed these on my 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab.

To my surprise the kit included an alternate bracket for the [Left Front Driver] mounting position -which for 2016 Rams did not agree with a factory installed bracket. Also included was the necessary M8 1.25 30mm bolts for the factory pre-installed (frame) nuts, there are two you will use for the front brackets (one each left and right).
Having read many reviews previous -I purchased the M8 1.25 30mm bolts from HDep in advance -but I am happy to return them.

"No cutting of the front driver bracket" was necessary, as others have had to do. The instruction manual also indicated "2016" models in the assembly steps.

Once the driver side was installed, the passenger side was a snap - about 20minutes tops.

The steps have a rubberized top side, and provides traction under the foot when you step on it. The whole assembly does give ... full review
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"Very solid bars and they look great." - by MaxGadgetGuy
The step bars were exactly as described and a great fit on my 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn crew cab. Make sure you read the directions. The green packaged parts are for the driver's side and the clear for the passenger. Note that front bracket's vertical edge will face opposite from the center and rear brackets. The illustrations will show this if you take the time to read them. Doing this and everthing will line up perfectly to the truck and bars.

I do wish the step pads were a bit longer each, but they are extemely solid and look great on the truck.
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"Nice. Easy to install" - by Marcus Doe
Nice. Easy to install. I've never done any automotive work and this was my first time; took me two hours. If I did anyone can do it.
Perfect fit to my 2014 GMC Sierra. It looks alot better with the boards.
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"Read directions" - by James Hurley Jr.
2017 ram 2500 crew cab wheel to wheel worked great fit perfect looks good
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"Makes noise when it rains" - by B&L WoodCrafts llc (Elgin, South Carolina)
The rails were simple to install on about 45 minutes and they look great on the truck. The only issue I have is when there is water on the road, the rails make an funny noise from the water hitting them. I think I need to invest in mud flaps now.
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"love the look, rock steady, easy to install" - by Gus&Erin (Central Pa)
Fit my Ram 2500 perfectly. Nice intermediate step. I liked the shape and style. Takes a heavy foot without any flimsy feeling. Had coating sprayed in my bed, matching the truck color, and had them spray coat these as well for a small extra charge. Installed them myself, had easy to follow instructions. As long as you're comfortable sliding under your truck with some basic tools.
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"Satisfied Customer" - by Frank Lopez
Recieved my iboards from ups openned the box pulled 1 board out measured over six feet, I thought oh no this not going to fit it is to long. I decided to try them out, all the nuts and bolts the washers and lock washers were confusing until i took everything out of the bags and seperated them and matching them to each part. They went on like clockwork i was surprised and happy for the way they look on my truck.
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"... they should not move other than that I am happy with the product" - by Joe Tolomeo
Installation was simple took less than an hour in my driveway with basic hand tools the only negative is that I wish the mounting brackets had a little more support with the step bars installed and everything tight the bars have some flex to them I feel that when you step on them they should not move other than that I am happy with the product.
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"Easy to install and look great." - by william schneider
These bars look great....very, very easy to install and price is reasonable. Would give them 5 stars, but worry about how strong they are. The brackets could be just a little thicker....afraid to have me and a buddy use them at the same time. 2016 Silverado crewcab
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"2017 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab" - by TCM
Package arrived in 2 days, a norm for Amazon Prime. Laid out all the parts a read the instructions. And as several have said the brackets were labeled incorrectly. The instructions were good but not the photos, line art would be much better. I watched a few YouTube videos the night before just to make sure things went smoothly. Total install time took 1 hour. Everything was a good fit and assembled as it should have. Not only do these boards look great but they work even better. No more falling out or having to strain getting in.
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"They mounting instructions should be updated but a very nice product." - by Keith B.
I installed these running boards on my 2016 F250 CrewCab 4x4.
As others have mentioned there is a better way to mount them than is described in the included instructions.
The instructions direct you to use the second and fourth set of holes that are located in the rocker panels of the truck. The second set of holes are in line with the middle of the front doors and the fourth set is towards the forward edge of the back doors.

If you use the second and fifth sets of holes you place the bracket further back where folks are more likely to step.
Just take the brace that is marked for the DR (Drivers Rear) and swap it with the brace marked PR (Passenger Rear).
Flip them end for end and since everything is symmetrical all the bolts holes line up. As a plus you can scoot the running boards back a ... full review
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"Pleased" - by Driftwood
Installed these by myself in just over an hour. They are solid and look great. I like the looks of the wheel to wheel steps better than the shorter ones on my Crew Cab.
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"Awesome boards. Great price." - by happymom2015
These running boards are great. I really like how simple they were to install only took about 45 minutes with hand tools. They mount the same way as the factory boards that GM wants 700 dollars for. I am very impressed with them especially for the price.