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"durable and able to carry a lot easily. I'm a nurse and I use this to ..." - by Emily S. (Richmond, VA USA)
Strong, durable and able to carry a lot easily. I'm a nurse and I use this to travel to the different practice offices to hold everything from stethoscopes and surgery books and patient results, along with any clinic supplies I always want handy. Plenty of pockets to organize, but not so much that it's cluttered and difficult to remember where you put things. Strong handles to carry when you need to and an extending handle to roll when you want to. I can only imagine how helpful this would be for longer distance and business travels. A good size for computer/laptop though probably not the best if you're planning on spending a couple of days or longer somewhere.
"Great for Teachers!" - by Amazon Customer (Hampton, NH)
This bag beats all those plastic, clunky box carts that most of my colleagues use. While theirs are relatively ugly, difficult to maneuver, and require duct tape to hold together, this little gem from Olympia is stylish and solid. The wheels are quiet and the handle is the right height for my taller-than-average 5-8 frame. This has saved my back and, if I wanted, I could use it as a shoulder bag. This product is well made, has a couple of exterior pockets, a sturdy zip-top for rainy days, solid wheels and telescoping handle, and can hold all of my work essentials. Also, the bottom is solid heavy-duty plastic -- no worries about over loading! The damask pattern is lovely, not over powering, just plain lovely. Can't beat the reasonable price (at least $10 less than that crappy Staples box-cart) and the speedy ship seals the deal. Buy this, you ... full review
"Lightweight but sturdy enough to carry my usual load of pasta sauces ..." - by Justina Khuu
Lightweight but sturdy enough to carry my usual load of pasta sauces and milk cartons. I live about half a mile away from my grocery store so it's juuuust too far to make do with plastic bags. This is great because it's light enough I can wear it on my shoulder using the straps when I walk to the store, and then the handle easily pops out when I need to use it on the way home. Also, this is much cuter than the standard grandma cart, which is a definite plus.

My only complaint is that the handle does not lock, so you must pull it behind you at all times, and keep an eye out so that it doesn't fall onto your fingers if you're carrying it up and down stairs. Not sure how long it'll last since it feels so light, but it's doing ... full review
"Great bag if it's not a second carry-on." - by Amazon Customer
Great bag, looks professional and seems sturdy. The only issue is that it doesn't fit well under the seat on airplanes. If traveling frequently, it may not be the best option as a second carry-on. Otherwise, it's well made, nice in appearance and very practical.
"more junk like makeup bag" - by Mary Grace Robinson
This little piece of luggage is a power house. I was tired of lugging a large shoulder bag to carry my laptop and other little things onboard an aircraft. Every little pocket, zipper pouch and side pockets are designed perfectly and I tried them all out on my last flight. The main section is big enough for 13' laptop and files, more junk like makeup bag, shoes, a shirt or two. It opens up in a large way so that you can cram everything you need in there easily and see easily inside. Love the front two zipper compartments because you can put your flight passes inside and misc paperwork and the fact that the pockets are not sewed so tightly that you can't get your fingers in to them. Love the extra pouch compartments inside the pockets, helps keep everything organized. On one ... full review
"Love it !!" - by Maria Scott
Love this!!! As a mom of two working in a school I carry a LOT of bags !!! I also have back issues from carrying my bags and carrying around the baby and diaper bags and what not . This bag fits a lot if not all the things I take every day (water bottles , breast pump , lunch,etc) it's also my favorite pattern and color !!! Very happy I purchased this bag !!
"Can carry oversized drum cymbals easily!" - by Marcy Garcia
I own two of these, they are sturdy enough to carry several heavy drum without any problem. I love them!
"I wish I would have found this sooner. Better than I had expected" - by SUSAN MOORING
This item is wonderful, I haven't used it but a few times but I've really used it hard, it's great the way the whole thing folds flat and fits inside the square zippered area. I rolled well and sat upright with lots of items in it. Definently will use it a lot to save my neck and bag.