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"Best lamp I've ever purchased" - by Amazon Customer
Fantastic light integrating high efficiency led technology! Has many light settings, can adjust brightness, and even has a USB for phone charging. Also a very sturdy metal base with included cloth for cleaning. Brilliant!
"Organize hard drives and office supplies in a small footprint" - by J Davis (San Francisco, CA United States)
I have been using this product on my over-the-bed table, that I use for my home office, for months now and I love it. Because it is made of metal mesh, I can put my external hard drives in it (where file folders are shown on the product image) and not worry about them overheating--plenty of air circulation, and no plastic shelves on the organizer that could melt. I used a little velcro to keep them from sliding when I move the table. The organizer is heavy enough to stay reasonably in place when the table is moved. I combined this with several versions of magnetic bins [[ASIN:B00552POWM Design Ideas EcoGen Magnetic Bin, Tall, Black]] and [[ASIN:B00552POV8 Design Ideas EcoGen Magnetic Bin, Shirt, Black]], which attach loosely via magnets to the wire mesh and serve to hold pens, scissors, and a variety of other small items. This organizer made my ... full review
"Great color!!" - by Tammie Z.
I love the color! Everything looks very nice; the paper holder is a little wobbly, though. All around, very attractive office additions!
"Exactly what I wanted!" - by Nick’sNickel
This is the perfect look for my decor. It arrived in ideal packaging and condition. It does not look or feel cheap, it’s very solid. Nothing is scratched or shabby looking. I love it!
"Buy it" - by Robert B Schuster
I love this shelf! I read the reviews prior to purchase and didn't find many of their concerns to the case.

It is so versatile! You aren't committed to any specific style!
It is stable
All of the holes lined up
The screw driver provided did the job easily.

There was a light flaw in the wood. Nothing that some polish wouldn't take care of.
It would be easier to put together if the boards were marked to match the diagram. Not that it was difficult but they look the same with hole placement to be the only difference.

Seriously I love this and would buy it again!
"Great Organizer!" - by Tracey Herring
I hesitantly (because it seemed a bit pricey) bought one of these for my side table to organize my remotes and other items. I loved this organizer so much that I bought another one for my husbands side table. I currently have three remotes, a cell phone, a tube of lotion, a tube of chap-stick, an e-cig, a bottle of e-cig liquid, and some miscellaneous papers (folded in half) in the stand-up compartments. I can fit three medium sized medicine bottles on the shelf and the drawer is great for small items like my metal fingernail file and clippers. This product is well worth the money!
"Beautiful, nice coloring worth the money" - by Bree James (SAN DIEGO, CA, United States)
Beautiful, nice coloring worth the money. But Bends easily so no riffraff with these items. Package nicely did not bend or break in shipping. All in all I would purchase these items again.
"Useful little organizer" - by Kendra Walsh
I love this organizer! It fits all of my daily deeds for work as well as a holder for my phone. I have saved lots of time by not having to search around for my phone. I love the bright white too.
"Great product for such a low price!" - by Amazon Customer
I am very pleased with this purchase! I actually bought this for my mother to use in her office. When I gave it to her she was so excited about it that she went ahead and opened it up and started arranging it on her desk! She loved it!! I liked the fact that you got several pieces for such a low price and it’s made of good quality material!!
"Good for storing my vaping equipment and supplies" - by BJW (Boston, MA)
I do not use this as a monitor stand. I bought 4 of these to use to store my vaping equipment and supplies. They fit under my 11" x 11" vape stand and stack nicely. The drawers have molded in dividers which makes the storage a bit more challenging, but still acceptable, because some items will only fit in certain spaces. I knocked off one star because the drawers do not close 100% due to the weight of the vape stand (last 1/8th inch of travel). I doubt they would close 100% if a monitor was on top. The drawers do open and close just fine though with no binding. I did not use the included legs. I got two to start with then two more. I recommend them for storage uses similar to my needs.