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"Best display I've ever purchased" - by Charles Bradley Scott Jr. (Pittsburgh, PA USA)
I purchased 2 of these a few weeks ago and have enjoying the hell out of them ever since. The slim bezel was a big selling point for me. They look amazing side by side.

-Unbeatable price/value for a full 1080P monitor.
-Wonderful picture. LED lit makes images come to life.
-Easily calibrated or adjusted.
-Matte finish reduces any background light glare. Looks great with room lights on or off.
-Lightweight (only 6 lbs).
-Best response time out of any IPS panel display I've seen (only 4 ms)
-Very sturdy base.
-High viewing angles.
-3 different input ports makes this a dream for compatibility.
-No backlight bleeding(a common problem with some displays)
-No assembly, the monitor just slides on to the base and clicks in place. I set up 2 of these in less than 5 minutes.
-Packaged very well.
-Includes VGA cable, which I though I was going to have to purchase separately.

Not VESA mount compatible. (I knew this before I bought ... full review
by LG
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"This thing will take your breath away and keep doing it every time you walk back into the room." - by Robert L.
I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm a computer "guru" when it comes to tech specs and hardware and what have you, but I've always just kind of "skimped" on monitors because they were always very expensive components (and after getting hammered with a video card, if you're a poor boy like me, you just do with what you can). An old colleague, professor, and very good friend gifted me with a 27 inch monitor years ago and I thought "This is it. This is the pinnacle of monitors." Never had want or need of one again.. until recently. Long story short, got a dim spot in my favorite 27" monitor and just "lived with it" for as long as possible. Finally broke down, read reviews, compared monitors, blah blah, and found the LG monitor a few #'s before this one (as this one had ... full review
by LG
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"Great Price. Great Gaming Monitor." - by Ber
Exactly what I wanted and for a great price. Been shopping monitors for my gaming setup for a few months now. Decided on ultrawide. Did my research. Found this one at a perfect price and the Square Trade warranty was well priced compared to retailers.

Setup is easy. Settings easy to navigate. Awesome picture, and great, GREAT FOR GAMING.
by LG
"Amazing !!" - by Jason Andrade
This monitor is amazing for gaming. The icons dont look stretched, the picture quality is amazing the sound is also pretty good. This is better than buying two monitor. Definitely recommend buying this.
by LG
"You are not going to find another IPS monitor with 144Hz, Curved, in an Ultrawide format for $700" - by G.Shadow
Ok so here is a break down on this monitor:

◙ 34" Ultrawide
◙ Curved
◙ 2560 x 1080 Resolution
◙ 144Hz
◙ IPS Panel
◙ $700

Right off the bat, I can tell you that you are not going to find another IPS monitor with 144Hz, in an Ultrawide format for $700. Not gonna happen. At least not yet anyways. I have searched and searched, comparing those with truer color, 4K resolutions, and smaller Ultrawides and this one monitor is the best of all - to an extent.

Allow me to elaborate.

If you are not a gamer, and you are seeking something for productivity and content creation - this is not the monitor for you. There are better ultrawides that offer higher golor gamuts, higher pixels, and better contrast ratios than this one in the same price range. Content creation requires truer color and higher clarity. Could you still do it on this monitor? Yes. But I ... full review
by LG
"Great monitor, better value than the Dell U3417W" - by Willem R. Vandenberge
I love my new LG monitor. This is my second curved monitor. The first one is a Dell U3417W which has exactly the same IPS panel so the picture is identical. The Dell has the power supply and a couple of small speaker built-in that the LG does not, but the LG is several hundred dollars cheaper and has much better controls for the onscreen menu.

A curved 34" monitor will take ea day or two to get used to but once you do you'll never go back to a flat panel. If I had to make the choice right now I'd buy two LGs.
"Easy to read" - by Amazon Customer (Burlington, WA)
Love, love this curved widescreen. I was having difficulty reading spreadsheets in general and this has made a huge difference. Also color is great.
by LG
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"Very good 1080p monitor once calibrated (settings included in review)" - by Jim Mills
Okay, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Really like the monitor a lot. Was worried at first it might be too big, but it's not. In fact I could probably go bigger. I just love the screen real estate this monitor provides. I'm rating this as a 1080p monitor and not comparing it to other higher resolution versions. For what it is, it works great.

The only reason I knocked off a star is because I have some light leakage around the bottom and top of the screen. Definitely noticeable when on an all black screen, but not for the majority of the stuff I use the monitor for. But no one else is complaining of this issue, so I may have just gotten a slightly defective one.

Anyways, when I first got the monitor, like a few other reviewers, I wasn't thrilled ... full review
by HP
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"For the price, its amazing" - by Zach
The thing to remember with this product is you get what you pay for. I am a second year finance major, and I was looking for an additional monitor to use with my laptop. All I would need it for is spreadsheets, word processing, and internet use, so I didn't need a brand new 4k 34in ultra wide whatever. I just needed a simple cheap monitor that would get the job done, and this did exactly that. No, it doesn't have the best resolution, and no it doesn't have the best color correctness. But you can't compare a $120 monitor to a $1300 monitor. For a college student or home office this in my mind is the best monitor you can get for the money, and I fully intend to get a second one.
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"Exceptional monitor. Happy customer. 😎" - by Lisa Ali (Michigan)
Very happy with this purchase. My cat knocked over my old Dell 24" LCD monitor and the warranty expired two months before, I did not wanna pay for another low quality monitor. I work from home most weekends so this was an emergency. Since I had some money left on my Amazon Gift Card, I used that to buy this monitor. I used this monitor at my former job except I think it had to be a 19", it also had an HDMI port. This one does not, but because it comes with the VGA cord and the largest white cord, I easily plugged it into my docking station and after fiddling with the screen resolution it works perfectly. I am okay with the fact that it does not tilt. I have no complaints about the resolution. A lot of reviews seem to be nitpicking about the tilt and ... full review
"Great Price, Decent Quality" - by Edward Castro (Poway, CA)
You can't really expect much from a monitor that is less than $100, but this is a great monitor for everyday use. The only reason I give it 4 our of 5 stars is because there is no way to mount this on a wall or versa mount. Other than that, great clarity, color and size for the price point. I will be finding a way to mount this on my versa mount as looking down on a monitor is not conducive to prolonged use.
"Don't understand all of the bad reviews. Mine looks beautiful and worked perfectly right ..." - by Jay
Don't understand all of the bad reviews. Mine looks beautiful and worked perfectly right out of the box. It took a day or two to get use to but thats normal getting use to any new monitor. Very bright, just perfect.
by LG
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"More than impressed" - by Daksterd (SoCAl)
I needed a better monitor for photo editing (check) and the wide output I thought was a nice to have but not necessary. This has been a total game changer. I use a laptop with an extended monitor to work, multiple windows etc, this gives me the viewing real estate of 3 monitors. No more tab switching and jumping about, I get it all at once. Love this monitor. The color resolution is great no more "over blue" photos due to a yellow cast in my previous monitor. In custom mode text is sharp and crisp which is a help with eyestrain. And the brightness is WOW I keep it below 50% most of the time. Extremely impressed with this monitor and have a couple of friends that seem a bit envious. I told them to get one they're reasonable.
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"Awesome monitor, worth every penny" - by Chris Murphy
I was amazed at the quality of the picture on this monitor! Super thin screen, perfect size for my one monitor setup. The white adds so much class. It's also a plus that it has Vesa mounting ability! I plan on putting it on an arm eventually. Only had it about a week so far, but I love it! I dread using my work setup now. My speakers are arriving tomorrow and I'm redoing the wire management. I know it takes away from the aesthetic some in the photos, but you get it
by LG
"Purrfect" - by Catitude
I am delighted with this monitor.
The usable real estate for gaming, graphics, research or anything else you might need multiple windows open for is amazing. The split window functionality that is part of the package is fantastic for Business, Socializing as well as Gaming.
I have Vision conditions that heavily influenced my choices.
I need large bold fonts & larger scaled UI's... 34 inches has ample room for customizing.
Nyctalopia, which is commonly referred to as Night Blindness, affects my ability to distinguish details in dim lighting as well as darkened scenes on TV & dim gloomy heavily shadowed Time of Day & ambiance effects, evening, night or weather conditions in Game screens.
Websites with Light Fonts on Dark backgrounds are mere smudged blurs & their content unreadable.
My most recent previous Monitor was the LG 34UM58 which I gifted to my sister after 2 months use... It's only fault was a max brightness of ... full review