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"Great watch for its price!" - by Tyler Rubner
Just received the watch today. Very pleased with the quality for its price point and it's got a nice and simply look to it. Though upon trying out the indiglo feature I noticed that mine did not light the entire face of the watch and there is a cutoff near the bottom where it is not lit at all (pictured). Somewhat disappointing but then again I believe in 'you get what you pay for' and I also probably won't use the function all too often to really care. It does have a fairly noticeable 'tick' if you put your ear up to it in a relatively quiet room but you wouldn't notice it while wearing it out and about. Overall a very nice watch, just with a couple minor flaws.
"An inexpensive mechanical watch." - by Gregory D. Campbell (Memphis, TN)
I have only had this watch for a week; so far, so good. When first receiving it, I had some difficulty pulling the stem out far enough to set the watch, but with the help of a small screwdriver I use for electronics, I was able to gently pry it out far enough. I wound the watch and set it as closely as I could to the atomic time. After a week, it is only about 30 seconds fast. Not bad for an inexpensive watch. I love mechanical watches and clocks. Give me a few months and I will amend the review with more of a critique.
"Good, Soundly made watch" - by Andrew Bryant
I waited 2 weeks to review this product due to the amount of reviews claiming that the watch wore too quickly. I wore this watch every day since I purchased it and it has definetally heald up. Although under close examining the watch band does seem to flatten and become slightly more shinny under the watch band buckle. I recommend wearing out the watch band\bands (because they are all the same material) then simply purchasing a new one. The clear glass over the watch face is extremely resistant to scratches. I have scraped it accidentally across metal guard rails when walking and concrete dividers, no visible scratch was left. The rest of the watch is just as sound and it keeps time verry well. I recommend this watch.
"like everyone else has stated" - by Jeannie Shaffer
Ordered this watch for my husband and he loves it except, like everyone else has stated, the pin will not stay in. Has anyone tried replacing the pin? We can’t figure out what size the pin is.
"Real Men's Watch" - by Toto
I bought my watch 3 weeks ago. Its a fantastic watch. Unfortunately, I am forced to return it.
It requires me to wind and set the time every morning which is a headache. And worst of all ,the Crown pin comes out completely everytime you pull it to set the time. I would love to get a replacement. I guess,i was the unlucky one to get a defective item..Overall,its a wonderful watch.
"Great Watch If You Can Handle Its Intricacies." - by D.C.
First few days with the SNKN37 and I have to say I'm impressed. This Seiko is my first automatic watch. Previously, my entire watch experience incorporated a few fashion brands and Swatch watches. Nothing wrong with that, but I decided that I wanted a new watch with some horological significance behind it. After going through several weeks of discovery and research I decided upon this Seiko.

The immediate impression upon opening the box is it's large steel case. Its' big, and without actually trying the watch in real life, I was surprised by its footprint. I was a bit skeptical about how my wrist would wear it, but after a few days of use, I can safely say it sits at the very edge of what I can actually wear without being comically bulky. At 43.5mm, the lug to lug distance on a 6.5 ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
This watch is very beautiful and look's great watch i think very nice watch i love it
"Highly recommend" - by Mike Hazemy
Extremely happy with this purchase. It is very well made, lightweight and comfortable. You can't beat it for the price. Highly recommend.
"Five Stars" - by Megan
Beautiful watch, looks incredible!
"Clean!" - by Amazon Customer
One of my favorite Invicta watches. The design is amazing on this watch. I love that you can see the mechanics of this piece.
"Very great watch and attracts a lot of attention." - by Jon
Such a beautiful watch. Doesn't weigh my arm much and very stylish. Came in great condition and love that it is automatic winding. The back is also clear and you and see the winding mechanism. The leather strap is also comfortable. Looking forward to wearing this for a long time and purchasing another of the same brand.