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I love writing stories that make children laugh and get excited about reading and drawing and writing . I also love taking naps and listening to music. Not at the same time. Well, sometimes. It depends on the song. I have worked hard and am fortunate enough to have over 140 books out in the world, and love each one as if it were my child ... except if that child is like really naughty and always breaks my favourite things and writes bad words on the walls of our house. None of my books are like that, and imagine if you had over 140 kids! That is terrifying!. From How to Catch books to How to Draw books. From gross books to action and adventure books. From rhyming to prose, inspirational to just plain silly, there's something for kids of all reading abilities, and all ranges of interests. And now, on JUNE 20, 2023, A BRAND NEW SERIES is kicking off, starting with ... A VERY DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY! Check them out, and always feel free to get in touch at wally@adam-wallace-books.com I personally answer each and every email ... I have to. My assistant is really slack and non-existent.

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