Blair Bancroft

About the Author

I like to think of myself as an author who writes books that can be read by anyone age 14 and up, maybe even by a precocious 12-year-old. Yes, I have one series and a thriller I suggest for 18+ only, but that is because they deal with some frank and unsavory situations, not because of erotic content. I also like to think I write Sparkling Characters, Elegant Drama, & High Adventure, with a Strong Dollop of Humor. (Well, maybe not all four in every book!) So how did I end up an author? Although it’s been more years than I care to remember, I still recall walking a mile home from school each day when I was seven, passing the time by telling myself stories. Yet because my mother was an author, it never occurred to me we could have two in the same family. So I came to writing late in life. But when the light finally dawned, I managed to win RWA’s Golden Heart for Regency Historical, be a RITA nominee in the same category, win Best Regency Romance from Romantic Times magazine, Best Romance from the Florida Writers Association, and Best Young Adult from the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition. After nine print book, I plunged into indie publishing in the winter of 2011 and never looked back. I currently have over thirty novels and novellas available online, with at least four books in the pipeline for the coming year. Long an advocate of indie publishing, I consider hand-held e-readers (tablets & smart phones) one of the great boons to mankind—thank you very much, Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek.). I happily admit to being an “out of the mist” author. My favorite saying is: I can hardly wait to get up each morning, go to my computer, and find out what my characters are going to do today. Because I find variety the spice of life, I occasionally deviate from my first love, Regency England, to write Mystery and Suspense set in Florida. Even one international Thriller (LIMBO MAN). With a couple of Contemporary Romances thrown in for good measure. And then there’s my Medieval written for the Young Adult market. And—would you believe?—a SyFy Paranormal Saga that refuses to stay in just one genre. (Not enough bare skin for a Futuristic, too much adventure for a romance, too little science for the hard-core SyFy reader. Sigh.) But it has some great characters—some heroic, some devious, some heart-tugging—plus romance, space battles, and as much humor as I could fit in around the drama. I suggest age 18 and up only for LIMBO MAN and my Regency Darkside series. In addition to writing in multiple genres, I have been offering Writing and Editing tips on my blog, Grace’s Mosaic Moments, since the winter of 2011 ( These posts cover a wide variety of topics from how to transform manual tabs to auto, to Capitalization, Point of View, Characterization, Rule Breaking, World Building, How to Write a Bad Book, and much, much more. Projected books for Fall 2017 through December 2018: THE BASTARD PRINCE, Book 3, Blue Moon Rising series (Sept 2017) THE BLACKTHORNE CURSE, a Regency Gothic HIDDEN DANGER, HIDDEN HEART, Contemporary Suspense ROYAL REBELLION, Book 4, Blue Moon Rising series THE LAST SURPRISE, a Christmas Regency Thanks for your interest. It's much appreciated. I will try to keep my bio up to date as new works come out, so come on back!

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