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Caitlin Mazur is a multi-genre author whose works span science fiction, speculative fiction, horror, and supernatural genres. She has been published in multiple anthologies and is currently querying a five-part post-apocalyptic series. Caitlin co-founded the Writing, Prompts & Critiques (WPC) Facebook community with over 11k members, named one of Reedsy's 50 Best Places to Find a Critique Circle. She developed WPC Press, a spin-off independent publisher that publishes the occasional anthology with stories from the WPC group. When she’s not writing fiction, Caitlin is a freelance writer, wife to an insanely supportive husband, and mom to two amazing kids. Caitlin holds a degree in English Communications with a minor in Marketing from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA. Follow Caitlin: www.caitlinwritesstuff.com

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