Caroline Foster

About the Author

Caroline Foster is a full-time bestselling indie author with a solid background in Psychology. She "was born in the wrong place" and built her new life during a long journey of self-healing and personal development. She started her life coaching job in 2008 and published her first book in 2019. In September 2020, her audiobook Narcissistic Mothers entered the Top 50 in the US. After that, she quit coaching to pursue her publications and help as many people as possible. Her books have been translated into four languages (Spanish, German, Italian, and French). As a survivor who has overcome trauma and abuse in family and relationships, she knows better than anyone else all the dynamics that prevent the victim from regaining their power and changing their lives. Caroline Foster's mission is to plant seeds in the victims that will inspire them to take action to change their lives. For this reason, her books provide insight, validation, self-esteem, and actionable advice based on years of research and experience. She claims that a simple sentence based on a rationally and emotionally processed experience can be more effective than thousands of academic papers. Caroline Foster is available for her beloved readers. You can reach her at

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