Craig Janacek

About the Author

In the year 1998 CRAIG JANACEK took his degree of Doctor of Medicine of Vanderbilt University, and proceeded to Stanford to go through the training prescribed for paediatricians in practice. Having completed his studies there, he was duly attached to the University of California San Francisco as a Professor. The author of over a hundred and ninety medical monographs upon a variety of obscure lesions, his travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box is crammed with papers, most of which are records of his fictional works. These include several collections of the ‘Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ – ‘Light in the Darkness’, ‘The Gathering Gloom’, ‘The Treasury of Sherlock Holmes’, ‘The Travels of Sherlock Holmes’, ‘The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes,’ ‘The Histories of Sherlock Holmes,’ ‘The Acts of Sherlock Holmes’ & ‘The Assassination of Sherlock Holmes’ – as well as two Dr Watson novels (‘The Isle of Devils’ & ‘The Gate of Gold’), the complete and expanded Adventures and Exploits of Brigadier Gerard (‘Set Europe Shaking’ & ‘A Mighty Shadow’), and two non-Holmes novels (‘The Oxford Deception’ & ‘The Anger of Achilles Peterson’). His short stories have been published in several editions of ‘The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories, Part I: 1881-1889’ (2015), ‘Part IV: 2016 Annual’ (2016), ‘Part VI: 2017 Annual’ (2017), ‘Part VIII: Eliminate the Impossible’ (2017), ‘Part XI: Some Untold Cases’ (2018), ‘Part XVIII: Whatever Remains Must be the Truth’ (2019), ‘Part XXIII: Some More Untold Cases’ (2020), ‘Part XXV: 2021 Annual’ (2021), ‘Part XXXII: 2022 Annual’ (2022), and ‘Part XXXVI: However Improbable….’ (2022). Other stories have appeared in ‘Holmes Away From Home: Tales of the Great Hiatus’ (2016), ‘Tales from the Stranger’s Room 3’ (2017), ‘Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Beyond the Canon’ (2018), ‘Sherlock Holmes, A Year of Mysteries – 1881’ (2021), and ‘Sherlock Holmes: Stranger than Fiction’ (2021). He lives near San Francisco, California with his wife and two children, where he is at work on his next story. Craig Janacek is a nom-de-plume.

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