Duane Tudahl

About the Author

As a Baltimore native, Duane Tudahl got his start as a medical photographer for Johns Hopkins Hospital. Since moving to California in 1987, he has worked in entertainment, producing and/or directing documentary programming for The History Channel, CBS, GTV, Fox, Discovery, Pax, The Gospel Music Channel, the Food Channel, Tru-TV and HGTV. He was an Executive Producer for a documentary about the Special Olympics which was hosted by Vanessa Williams and featured Stevie Wonder, Bono, Jordin Sparks, Run DMC, and Jimmy Iovine. Tudahl is a former stand up comic and has spoken at conventions around the country about the documentaries he produced for The History Channel. He has also been an editor on multiple Emmy nominated programs including INTERVENTION, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and COPS as well as music videos for Coolio, Krayzie Bone and various others. He has been writing about Prince and the Minneapolis music scene for over 25 years and has researched and contributed to several books about the subject. His first book, “Prince and The Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983-1984” is being published in November 2017 by Rowman & Littlefield. It is the introductory volume of his series about Prince’s studio sessions. Tudahl lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter and a very brave dog named Hero.

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