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Paranormal romance and science fiction romance for everyone who howls at the moon or looks up at the stars to dream. Learn more about Elsa Jade and the worlds of the Mating Season, Mating Fever & Intergalactic Dating Agency -- and sign up for the New Release Alert -- at http://elsajade.com Latest News: See the profiles of the sexy aliens of the #IntergalacticDatingAgency in the free sneak peek at Instafreebie. http://instafreebie.com/book/15688 Mating Season Wolves of Angels Rest (wolf shifters) 1. Hero 2. Joker 3. Rogue 4. Warrior (thunderbird shifter) 5. Lost Wolf 6. Ghost Wolf 7. Cry Wolf 8. Wish Upon a Werewolf (holiday story) 9. Fighter (crossover to Mating Fever) 10. Beast (bear shifter) 11. Coyote’s Christmas Kiss (holiday story) 12. Dreaming of a Wolf Christmas (holiday story – coming Christmas 2018) (Box sets available for 1-4, 5-7, 8-11) Wolves of Angels Rest: Montero Bears Shifters in Love: Fun & Flirty (bear shifters) 1. Bear & Baby 2. Bachelor Bear 3. Barely Bear Mating Fever (Wolves of Angels Rest spin-off trilogy) Masters of the Flame (dragon shifters) 1. Dragon Fever 2. Dragon Fate 3. Dragon Fall (Complete trilogy also available as a box set) Intergalactic Dating Agency (science fiction romance) Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides 1. Alpha Star 2. Red Shift 3. Dark Matter 4. After Burn 5. Freefall (Team Prism from The Great Space Race series) IDA: Black Hole Brides 1. The Intergalactic Duke’s Inconvenient Engagement 2. The Interstellar Rake’s Irresistible Kiss 3. The Interdimensional Lord’s Earthly Delight IDA: Cyborg Cowboys of Carbon County (cyborgs) 1. Mach One 2. Delta V 3. Big Bang Wolf Born (wolf shifters) Heart of the Pack (7-part serial) 1. Bitten 2. Chased 3. Caught 4. Bound 5. Broken 6. Lost 7. Beloved (Complete 7-part serial also available as a box set)

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