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Gary has been writing for some thirty years now having been published in numerous national publications. His first book was written in 2014 where Gary put on paper the practical lessons for parents he has been teaching and living for the past several decades. An expanded and updated version is currently available with even more usable ideas and resources for moms and dads, married or single. His second companion book on marriage, "Turn Up Or Turn Around Your Marriage," was published in 2016. This work provides many practical ideas and important underlying concepts that will help couples handle the challenges all married people face, especially in their early years. Topics include marital communication, intimacy, goal-setting and much more. His third book, a practical, motivational and inspirational book about overcoming was published in early 2019 and is called, "Never Quit Climbing: Overcoming Life's Seemingly Insurmountable Mountains." Everyone has a personal mountain at sometime in their life and will need some practical help in taking it on. Never Quit Climbing is a book for overcomers or those who desire to take on the difficult road in front of them. NQC also tells Gary and Jackie's cancer story including the practical things they learned in the high country that they applied to their personal mountain. Readers will find that every principle can be used to tackle personal mountains that individuals and families face such as finances, illness, grief, job loss, relationship struggles and more. This book is available in Audio Book form, too. In fact, Gary now regularly speaks to business, school, senior citizens, church and community groups about how to effectively and wisely conquer the biggest challenges of life. And if you're stuck not going anywhere and need to get off the dime in some area, read "NOW: Avoiding Life In The Someday Syndrome," or the abridged version, "What On Earth Are You Waiting For?" He also wrote a chapter for the Amazon Best Seller, "The Happiness Code," He has been married to Jackie for since 1976, has two grown children and six grandsons. He was also chosen "Father Figure of the Year" in Illinois in 2001. He loves to write and speak about overcoming in family, leadership, finances, other relationships and work. He also has started a new podcast called "Overcoming.". He has climbed nine 14er's in Colorado and hiked with his wife in Alaska, Austria, Switzerland and the Canadian Rockies. As a result, mountains have become a place filled with practical help and insight about life and all its challenges. He is currently a speaker, coach, author and counselor eager to share with others the many things he has learned both the easy way and the hard way. You can find out more or contact him directly at: http://www.neverquitclimbing.com.

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