About the Author

Iolanda Leotta, poetess and storyteller, was born in Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation. Her poetry book "L'esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani" has been published in Italy. She takes part in two cultural initiative with five poems selected by the publishing house Aletti: "Alessandro Quasimodo reads Iolanda Leotta and Contemporary Italian Poets" with the Video-poems published on the Youtube channel titled: "La Fortuna"; "Fantasmi"; "L'Inganno"; "La Libertà"; "Solitudine". She attends the masterclasses with F. Gazzè and G. Anastasi, songwriters; D. Rondoni, poet, playwright, screenwriter; the Laboratory on poetic writing with: Mogol, lyricist, and record producer; the poetry Accademy of G. Aletti. She's been awarded in many literary competitions and her poems have been published in international anthologies: The Writers and Readers Magazine; OPA Anthology; The Quiver Review; Lipi; Litterateur Rw; Pine cone review; The Raven Quoth Press; Sweetycat Press; Spillwords; Open Door; Prodigy magazine; Reflectoem; Lothlorien poetry journal. She was the winner of World Award by Rahim-Karim, Russian-Soviet writer. She was guest of honor on the cultural television program Voice with Shanta Farjana, a writer from Bangladesh. She's the winner of the III World Award for Excellence "Cesar Vallejo" 2022 of the World Hispanic Writers Union. President of UHE Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalèn and of Mil Mentes Por Mexico Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio. She was the "Keynote speaker" in the Global Literature Conclave, the 12 and 14 August 2021, with the video on the Theme: “Challenges and Prospects of Literature in the changing scenario” broadcast on Litterateur TV, in the inauguration of “K M Anthru Prize 2021” with Jack Foley, American poet and radio personality.

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