About the Author

Jennifer Hatfield (1972- present) was born in Haverhill MA. Eventually ending up in Northern NH. She has spent a large part of her life being a dedicated wife. She is now a widow and a mother of two grown children. She worked in the food industry and medical field, prior to her epilepsy diagnosis. She dealt with her epilepsy diagnosis, which included three brain surgeries. As she improved her husband became ill with liver failure, he passed away of acute liver failure. Through all this, she found comfort in writing. She was able to express her feelings and describe her thoughts and struggles. Jennifer started writing poetry and has moved into writing micro fiction. She loves reading thriller/horror stories and her writings (so far) have gone to the dark side so to speak. She has recently begun a cooking adventure, hoping one day to write her own cookbook as well a novel with characters she has been humanizing for years.

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