About the Author

I've always been a curious person, finding kernels of fascination in the stories of kids who might bully me, awkward first dates, college roommates and co-workers who I seemingly had nothing in common with. I discovered and honed a talent for asking the right questions and making genuine connections. What started out as an introvert's survival tactic has served me well as a freelance journalist for 25-plus years, an author of three novels (two in-progress) for 14 years, and a writing teacher. It's also been a useful skill as a traveler and mom! My essays and articles have been published in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Rumpus, Psychology Today, Travel & Leisure, The Seattle Times, Spirituality & Health, The Sun, and many other publications. I also write about creating a blueprint for your book and the how to have a satisfying writing life for Writers Digest, the Hugo House blog and other outlets. My favorite pass-times are traveling solo and finding new stories of people and cultures, fine-tuning Spotify playlists, walking in the woods with my double-doodle, and playing board games with my husband of 25-plus years and two grown sons.

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