Ken Goldman

About the Author

Ken Goldman is a former Philadelphia teacher of English and Film Studies and an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. He has homes on the Main Line in Pennsylvania and at the Jersey shore depending upon his mood and his need for a tan. His stories have appeared in over 965 independent press publications in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia with over twenty due for publication in 2022-2023. Ken's tales have received seven honorable mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, and he has received an obscene number of awards for real money. (A list is available on request for the insatiably curious or for those offering a six figure movie deal.) He has written six books : three books of short stories : YOU HAD ME AT ARRGH!! : FIVE UNEASY PIECES BY KEN GOLDMAN (six short stories from Sam's Dot Publishers and an all-time top ten bestseller at the former Genre Mall); DONNY DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (five short stories released by A/A Productions in print, Kindle, Nook, download, and audio formats); STAR-CROSSED (five short stories released by Vampires 2 Publishing Company in Kindle format); and a novella, DESIREE, (from Damnation books in print while a 2016 Kindle edition is available from ExCessica Publications at Got that? There will be a test on Monday. Ken's novel, OF A FEATHER, was published by Horrific Tales Publishing (UK) in January 2014 in print, Kindle, and electronic formats available on and Take a look at the reviews when you have the chance. Bring money. Ken's second novel, SINKHOLE, published by Bloodshot Books (in print and on Kindle), came out to play during August 2017. Ken would be famous except for the fact nobody seems to know who he is. However, he looks forward to the day when he and Stephen King are called to the dais and someone asks "Who is that guy standing next to Ken Goldman?" Find many of Ken's tales online. Stop by and scream hello.

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