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-raison d'etre- when I hear you speak, it's the God's Honest Truth as I open my mouth, it's rednecked and buck-toothed your dear words, your sweet messages, your marvelous inflections they conjure old senses, bring back blessed recollections and when I dare write, no, what I dare say I bring but shock and fright, no merry tales to end the day so I often doubt myself, well after the fact I just write the way I speak, and I just speak the way I act so I sit, and I listen, and I hear, and I feel your words, when they reach me, perhaps, they can heal you write of shared promise, I write of shared pain you sing the arias of being human, I pour hydrochloric acid rain your words reach out to my chin, hold me so warmly, so gently, so tightly When I cradle my head in my hands, my fingers fit PERFECTLY into the holes in my psyche and we, all, like to share

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