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Whenever Lauren Lee Merewether visits a place seemingly untouched by time, an emotionally intense family saga is born soon after. Lauren writes family sagas set in ancient places, merging the drama, coming of age, women's fiction, and sweet romance genres. She loves to daydream about times long past while sipping green tea and watching the experts on the Discovery channel unearth our ancestors' civilizations. She likes to dive into history and find overlooked, under-appreciated and relatively unknown tidbits of our past to craft engaging stories with characters who love and lose, fight wrong with right, and hope in times of despair. If you like page-turning dramatic plots, simple style and dialogue, stories that evoke strong emotions, well-researched historical settings, and characters with genuine, relatable feelings, a majority of Lauren's reader reviews say you will like her books. Her upmarket fiction stories contain non-gory violence, no profanity, and no explicit sex/nudity in their pages. While she has gone to great lengths to ensure sensitive subject matters are dealt with in a compassionate and respectful manner, some subject matter in her books may be troubling for some readers. For more information about Lauren, see her upcoming books, go behind the scenes of her best sellers, and grab some FREE book and prequel eBook downloads, visit: www.laurenleemerewether.com Connect with Lauren on: Facebook @llmbooks Instagram @llmbooks TikTok @llmbooks Twitter @llmbooks BookBub: bookbub.com/authors/lauren-lee-merewether Pinterest: pinterest.com/llmerewether/llm-books Goodreads: goodreads.com/laurenleemerewether

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