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Hello, my fellow adventurer, my name is Matt, and I’m the international bestselling author of nearly thirty novels and novellas, including the electrifying JACK REILLY ADVENTURES, THE UNSEEN, DARK ISLAND, THE ANUBIS PLAGUE w/ Nick Thacker, and LOST CITY w/ David Wood. My work is heavily influenced by the likes of Indiana Jones, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, The Mummy (1999), and National Treasure. As you can see, I’m a little obsessed with tales of daring adventure. When I was growing up, other kids went nuts for Star Wars or Star Trek. But not me. I fell in love with the globetrotting antics of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr., and the rest, as they say, was history. Outside of being a writer, I’m also the Managing Editor for Conundrum Publishing, and I host two podcasts. On REAL-LIFE FICTION, I interview the book industry’s finest talents, and on ARMCHAIR DIRECTORS, Richard F. Paddon and I go through our favorite movies, many of which have inspired us as authors. I live twenty minutes from the beach in sunny South Florida with my amazing wife, our two beautiful daughters, a lovable pitty, and an overly dramatic black cat. Go to and subscribe to my newsletter for early and exclusive news and updates! I promise that you won’t be mercilessly spammed. JACK REILLY ADVENTURES The Forgotten Fortune The Roosevelt Conspiracy The Dorado Deception The Undying Kingdom The Venetian Pursuit (2/15/23) Book 6 (2023) RELICS OF GOD The Blood King (2023) ZAHRA KANE THRILLERS w/ Nick Thacker Empire Lost: A Prequel The Anubis Plague Book 2 (2023) THE UNSEEN Origin Desolation Perseverance Inferno (02/28/23) DANE MADDOCK ADVENTURES w/ David Wood Berserk Skin and Bones Venom Lost City STAND-ALONE TITLES The Dragon Dark Island Sub-Zero Cradle of Death HANK BOYD ADVENTURES Blood and Sand Mayan Darkness Babel Found Elixir of Life OTHER TITLES Plague Evolve The Cursed Pharaoh Broken Glass FOR MORE INFORMATION Website: Newsletter: Website: Facebook: Facebook: Facebook: Instagram: MattJames_Author Twitter: MattJamesAuthor YouTube: Conundrum Publishing / Real-Life Fiction Podcast: Real-Life Fiction Podcast: Armchair Directors

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