Michael J. Allen

About the Author

A star-lord and USA Today bestselling author of character-driven, multi-level science fiction and fantasy, Michael J. Allen is a former US Navy submarine nuclear reactor operator, scuba diver and avid toy starship collector. He enjoys helping people chase their own dreams through financial coaching, infusing his quirky sense of humor – and the occasional sneaky pop-culture reference – into both real life and fiction. At over two dozen published stories, he’s recently contributed his longtime beloved Starflight universe. His released books span the whole gambit of the SF/F genres from space opera and military science fiction to urban, western and contemporary epic fantasy. He credits childhood heroes like Robin Williams, Danny Kaye, Terry Pratchett, Gene Wilder, and Weird Al Yankovic for this seemingly random madness. To learn more about Michael, check out his website at www.deliriousscribbles.com

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