About the Author

Natalia is a Christian bilingual author, translator, and editor. She’s originally from San Germán, Puerto Rico, and lives with her husband and two children in Orlando, Florida. She has a master’s degree in Spanish and a Certification in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Central Florida. Currently, she has translated and edited more than 150 children’s books and educational resources. As a stay at home mom raising a Christian bilingual family, she found it difficult to find faith based bilingual resources, which led her to publishing her best-selling children’s book Kai the Missionary Sea Turtle. She was inspired by real life missionaries and was able to combine all her passions, Jesus, sea turtles, and bilingualism in her book. Her husband and her have a heart for missions and created Panem Project, a media company to support missionaries around the world. They hope this book can inspire children and the Panem Project encourages adults to share the Gospel. Her best-selling children's book "Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle| Kai la tortuga marina misionera" is a Christian bilingual English-Spanish children's book about missions. Website: bilinguallifestyle.com Instagram: @bilingual_lifestyle Facebook:@Bilinguallifestyle Email: bilinguallifestyle@gmail.com

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