About the Author

Nathan Hystad is the best-selling author of The Event and Lost Contact. He writes about alien invasion, first contact, colonization, and everything else he devoured growing up. He's had hundreds of thousands of copies sold and read, and loves the fact he's been able to reach so many amazing readers with his stories. Nathan's written over thirty novels, including The Survivors, Baldwin's Legacy, and The Resistance. He's also done mystery/thrillers with Red Creek, Return to Red Creek, and Lights Over Cloud Lake. All of Nathan's books are available in audio. Get Constantine, a free story set in the Baldwin's Legacy universe by signing up for his newsletter at www.nathanhystad.com The Bridge Sequence Lost Contact Lost Time Lost Hope Space Race Space Race Space Battle Space Strike The Survivors The Event New Threat New World The Ancients The Theos Old Enemy New Alliance The Gatekeepers The Academy Old World New Discovery Old Secrets The Deities New Beginning New Lies The Colony Baldwin's Legacy Confrontation Unification Culmination Hierarchy Lineage Legacy The Resistance Rift Revenge Return Red Creek Return to Red Creek Lights Over Cloud Lake The Manuscript

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