About the Author

Robert E. Hampson, PhD, is a Neuroscientist and author. By day, he is a professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine, studying how our brains encode memory. By night, he writes military, adventure and hard-science Science Fiction as well as nonfiction articles explaining science to the general public. Robert's SF writing career began with several pieces of short fiction published in 2015. He now has three collaborative novels in the Four Horsemen Universe (Seventh Seal Press) and two solo novels—one forthcoming in 2023 from Baen Books. He has co-edited two anthologies, published more than 25 works of short fiction. Dr. Hampson's scientific career has concentrated on understanding the effect of drugs, disease, and injury on human memory, with the goal of developing a medical device to restore human memory function. He is a teacher, researcher, reviewer, scientific journal editor, and consultant. His website is http://REHampson.com.

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