About the Author

Roy Johansen began his professional writing career with his original screenplay for "Murder 101," written in college and for which he won the national FOCUS (Films Of College and University Students) award, a competition sponsored by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese. The screenplay was later produced for cable television and starred Pierce Brosnan. The "Murder 101" script was awarded the Edgar Allen Poe award in the Best Television Miniseries or Movie category from the Mystery Writers of America. Later, Johansen collaborated with comic book legend Stan Lee in creating The Accuser superhero character, which appeared in a series of adventures from Stan Lee media. Johansen has written screenplays for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Disney, and MGM. More recently, Johansen has written several New York Times bestselling mystery novels, including THE ANSWER MAN, BEYOND BELIEF, DEADLY VISIONS, and the Kendra Michaels series (co-authored with Iris Johansen) that includes CLOSE YOUR EYES, SIGHT UNSEEN, THE NAKED EYE, NIGHT WATCH, LOOK BEHIND YOU, DOUBLE BLIND, HINDSIGHT, and BLINK OF AN EYE. His next thriller, KILLER VIEW, will be released February 1, 2022.

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