Ruthann Jagge

About the Author

Ruthann grew up in Upstate New York, where her favorite month of October is magical. She writes dark speculative and horror fiction. Her work is published in numerous successful anthologies. Going forward, solo and collaborative projects will feature. Extensive travel, superstition, and backyard boogeymen influence her characters and settings. She lives on a cattle ranch in Texas with her husband and his animals. A large, blended family keeps her sane most of the time. Member HWA. Releasing February1,2023 "Delevan House" Written with Natasha Sinclair Book I of a genre-bending trilogy of dark speculative fiction. Delevan House looms above a rural Scottish village. Dark secrets of a blood oath ensure the malevolent being within the house remains bound by iron. Meticulously researched, original characters have deep roots in Scottish folklore and mythology. This contemporary gothic tale sweeps centuries with compelling intrigue and mysterious dread. Social Media Links and Websites can be found here:

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