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Never Miss a new release - click Follow now! USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen writes steamy angsty new adult and sports romance, romcoms and romantic suspense. She's been writing stories forever, the kind with happy endings. Besides writing, she loves UConn basketball, NFL football, kittens and hanging out with friends and fellow readers in real life and on Facebook talking about books, romance and life. She goes to the gym. More or less. She is the president of her local Chocoholics Anonymous chapter (after a long-standing denial and spectacular failure to control her permanent addiction). Her writing desk overelooks one of many New Hampshire lakes where she lives with her husband and cat, and while their two sons are off on their own life adventures. ➜➜You can check out all my books at www.StephanieQueen.com. ➜➜Join my Newsletter Here: https://sendfox.com/StephanieQueen ➜➜Join my Stephanie Queen Team on Facebook Here: https://stephaniequeen.com/contact/

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