Ted Wright

About the Author

http://tedthedogbooks.com Ted's books are not training manuals as he believes that they have 'been done to death' by all and sundry. Ted's books are about true life experiences but hidden within these pages are good tips that will help the average dog owner to get the best from their dogs. Ted Wright was born in 1940. His father bred dogs so they were really in Ted's blood and whilst he was completing six years military service he made up his mind to work with dogs as a profession. He joined the Police Service in 1963 and fought for a coveted place on the Kent Police Dog Section. This he achieved in 1966. He made it his own and his aim was to promote the Dog Section and make it even more professional. He attended an Home Office Police Dog Training Instructors course and qualified to Advanced level. He was then appointed as the Kent Police Force Dog Training Officer and instigated and trained the first multi-scented drug detection dogs. He was also fortunate enough to work two of the finest dogs ever but in such diverse fields. "Bess" was a patrol dog in the busy Medway Towns of Kent and in his first book, "One Dog and Her Man-The Life of Police Dog Bess." Bess herself recounts the fun they had such as when she found two naked men, as well as the many very serious incidents in which they were involved Ted's second book is "Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs" about an explosives detection dog who became the first Police Dog to find explosives. They were extremely involved when the IRA callously murdered so many young Royal Marines Bandsmen by planting a bomb in their barracks at Deal in Kent. Even the very stressful task of searching for explosives was interspersed with humorous incidents, a sense of humour so very necessary to carry on this very arduous and testing task. Injury forced Ted to take retirement in 1991. Now widowed he lives with two Border Collies and a couple of cats to keep them in order. He exercises at a gym three days a week but the rest of the time is spent helping other people with their problem dogs

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