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Author/editor of the Gulch Gazette, an online collection of short reads for people with little time. Tell me a story that makes the impossible seem plausible or show me a truth wrapped up in a lie. Stage a conflict and I’ll side with the underdog. Make me think in ways that lead to coffee shop debates or lay out a mystery and you’ll capture my attention. Take me into the Twilight Zone where I can devour moral ironies or expand my finite comprehension of creation and beyond. From sci-fi thrillers to the woes of hobbits, werewolves, aliens and leprechauns, I am drawn to well-crafted dilemmas clothed in dreams. Gene Roddenberry gave us a “Wagon Train to the stars,” then used his vessel to mirror human flaws disguised in the skins of alien worlds. If and when our fallen race crosses the great expanse to find new civilizations, will we carry with us the moral purity of Starship Enterprise, or will darkness in our souls pollute the cultures we find? "Blue Skins and Black Hearts" shows the good, bad and ugly side of the human race. Read it in "Visions V: Milky Way."

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