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About the Author Tom Sheehan, a 16-time Pushcart Prize nominee, is comfortable writing in several different genres and makes it a point to create each and every day. He’s authored the novels Vigilantes East, Death for the Phantom Receiver, Murder at the Forum (an NHL novel of Bruins-Canadiens long rivalry), Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment, and An Accountable Death, all available as eBooks. His short story works number A Collection of Friends, From the Quickening, In the Garden of Long Shadows, Epic Cures, and Brief Cases, Short Spans, Alone, with the Good Graces, in all of which he manages to uncannily include a very special character, his hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts. The Westering, an eBook, was nominated for a National Book Award. Sheehan’s poetic ruminations are Ah, Devon Unbowed, The Saugus Book, This Rare Earth & Other Flights, Reflections from Vinegar Hill and the eBook Korean Echoes, nominated for a Distinguished Military Award. Beside the Broken Trail is his fourth book of western short stories from Pocol Press, the others being The Nations, Where Skies Grow Wide, Cross Trails, and now Catch a Wagon to the Stars and In the Garden of Long Shadows. Other recognition comes from two Best of the Net Awards for 2015 (KYSO Flash and Right Hand Pointing) and short story awards in 2013 and 2014 from Nazar Look, which also issued his collection, Suns of Guns, Inc., 2015, who says, "Hey, America Hey, America, what's happening? Have you forgotten how to spread? You've got to learn to sprawl all over again, America. You've got to learn how to relax and blow off some steam after you get good habits back. Hey, my America. Remember being the young kid on the block, kid brother to the world, how you could spread them out even as you threw a continent over your shoulders and hauled it out of the woods, vales and valleys. Remember how you got your hands dirty, how your sleeves were rolled half way up and your arms hung out rugged as crowbars. Now you've got so much high technology you forget to get your hands dirty; those dirty hands still count. Remember being a kid running like there was no tomorrow into every new task, how rails parted at your hands or were joined because of them. Remember your shirt rippling where your muscles were, how you felt after a day in the mill, a day at chipping bricks, a day on horse or behind the plow, a day of sweat you know you earned. What's going on, America? You've got to be a kid again, a kid on the block, stepping out front of all the others on the block, shaking dust out of yesterday's ruts, running hard, working hard, sprawling with the Rockies at your back. Oh, boy, America! Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. What have you got going now, America ? A case of nerves, some tattered dreams, a rip in your denims, someone calling you names down a whole ocean? Someone speaks of the Gross National Product or product output or questions what a craft is or what a craftsman is. It's like he can't remember. Are your hands that lily white? I'll tell you, America, you've got two things going for you right now; you've got love and energy, what you came with. That's all you've got to spend, love and energy, so get on with being a kid again. Hustle, America, run, and scratch and dig and sprawl. Be in love and work your butt off again. It's all you got. TS

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